LExC Expands Internationally and Rebrands


Nick Clark, President of LExC & Founder of Common Desk
(214) 478–6561

Founded in 2011 by a small group of independent coworking space owners to share best practices, LExC has grown to 25 owners with over 60 locations, in seven countries.

LOS ANGELES – June 9, 2016 – As the coworking movement grows, the diversity among coworking spaces magnifies. How can a coworker choose a coworking space with confidence? The League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LExC, pronounced lex-see) announces the launch of a new website designed to help virtual employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers find such a space with the assurance that it will fulfill all their needs.

The new site, lextraordinary.wpengine.com, is designed to not only help people choose a coworking space wisely, but also for space owners who are interested in joining the league. Since its founding in 2011, LExC now has more than 25 different coworking brands and 60 different locations throughout the world under its umbrella. This makes LExC one of the largest coworking networks in the world.

According to Nick Clark, president of LExC and founder of Common Desk, the idea behind LExC is not only to share best practices among its members, but also to continually refine common standards of excellence.

“Each space is only accepted to LExC after they are evaluated using highly-competitive criteria,” Clark explained. “Therefore, no matter what LExC space a coworker uses, they know it is high-quality, accessible and community-focused. And, they can use these vetted spaces for no extra cost once they are a member in good standing at a LExC coworking affiliate.”

Mara Hauser, marketing chairperson for LExC and founder of 25N Coworking, points out that at the core of every LExC space is community. “We put a high value on community building, which is one of the biggest differences between executive office rentals and a coworking space,” said Hauser.

The LExC organization is led by an elected group of independent operators whose spaces are members of LExC. They began 2016 by electing a new president and executive committee to oversee the LExC brand and continue to grow the network. This executive committee is:

Coworking space owners, coworkers, and those searching for a high quality coworking space can learn more about LExC by visiting their newly launched website: lextraordinary.wpengine.com.

About the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces:
LExC spaces are where quality, accessibility, and passion meet. They are where self-motivated freethinkers—led by strategic, competent entrepreneurs—forge communities that value connection and innovation over traditional metrics of success. Founded in 2011, it is an international network of coworking spaces with common standards of excellence.  To learn more about LExC, visit the website, lextraordinary.wpengine.com. Media contact is Nick Clark, president of LExC and founder of Common Desk: (214) 478–6561 or email nick@thecommondesk.com.


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