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“More than a desk.”



bd1BizDojo is a good-humored coworking and collaboration network that has saturated the continent of New Zealand with 4 locations in Auckland (2), Wellington, and Christchurch. Soon enough, their fifth and sixth locations will be opening in Takapuna and Ponsonby. Basically, if you find yourself in NZ, you can bet there’s a BizDojo full of creative Kiwis nearby. With their mission centered around experimentation, connection, and community, LExC jumped at the chance to align with this stellar group of collaborators—because, in BizDojo’s words, “duh—it’s great.” Read on to discover more about what makes BizDojo and its coworkers so extraordinary.

LExC: Why did you decide to apply to LExC? What member feature are you most excited about?
BD: We were really excited about having the ability to offer our residents access to a global network of spaces that have a similar philosophy to us. This means wherever our awesome community is they will feel right at home, and we love that.

“At BizDojo we put people at the very centre of what we do, crafting community events, social gatherings and opportunities for people to share skills with the rest of the crew.”


LExC: What characteristics of your community make your space extraordinary?
BD: A diverse bunch, our community covers everyone from growing tech startups to freelance designers, sustainability experts and even a young New Zealander of the year under the one roof. A collaborative coworking space, at BizDojo we put people at the very centre of what we do, crafting community events, social gatherings and opportunities for people to share skills with the rest of the crew. As a result our tribe of people is as likely to be chatting about their next round of investment at the coffee machine as they are to be hanging out in the weekend.

Wellington1LExC: What kinds of coworkers call your space home?
BD: Our coworking community is full of all sorts of people, and having that diversity is something that we are passionate about. We really believe that the best ideas tend to bubble up when you have people from different backgrounds, different business types and with different passions in one room. The one consistent thing? The coworkers that choose to call BizDojo home include everything from a one man bands with a web development company, a P.R and marketing businesses, clean energy experts and startups going for their second round of funding – but they are all community centric, up for a conversation and growing. That may be growing personal skills and connections, or growing a business – and they are using their time at BizDojo to help them on that journey.

LExC: Describe a unique way in which a coworker has utilized your space or connected with your community.
BD: BizDojo was born out of a passion for collaboration, and the desire to nurture it. So when our residents pull together to create something far cooler than that they could have achieved on their own, we are always excited. From design teams binding together to pitch for (and win) work and making that work truly stand out, to brand wranglers and product designers coming together to design physical products that win international competitions, or a chance conversation over friday night drinks leading to the creation of world leading hologram technology.

LExC: What kind of music is playing in your space?
BD: Music at the Dojo ebbs and flows with the needs of the folks using our spaces, going from something atmospheric and vibey to kick off the week, and maybe a little D’angelo to wind it down. Our spaces are designed with audio zoning, which means if you want to be in the thick of it you can choose a spot to work with the chatter of people around you and the music thumping. If you prefer your music to be much more in the background you can pop yourself into a focussed working area for more quiet, concentrated working!

LExC: Where do your members usually go for lunch? Happy hour?
BD: You can always find our residents sharing some banter over lunch – all our locations are built with social kitchens with bar leaners, perfect for having a bite with your team or striking up a conversation with a new face. As a food loving company (believe us, it’s part of our recruitment process to ask what you would make for a team lunch) we know the importance of quality food spots, and a good haunt for a beer on a sunny afternoon. That is why from Auckland to Christchurch, our spaces are always near a good local haunt, from the gourmet Moore Wilsons Fresh next to the Wellington BizDojo, through to Baduzzi just down the road from our Wynyard Quarter location in Auckland. And of course, if you are after a post work tipple and in the AKL, you have to pop by our local hang-out/bar/venue we own up on the always interesting K Road area Neck Of The Woods!

LExC: What is your most popular recurring event?
BD: Event series may differ across the country, but the one constant is Each One Teach One, where residents can share their skills, a lesson learnt or an overview on a big topic with the rest of the community. Held at lunchtime in the kitchen area, it is the perfect thing to sit down at with your lunch and soak in the learnings.

LExC: Describe your space’s “vibe” in 3 words.
BD: Buzzing, inspiring, connected.

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