LExC Welcomes Headspace Group [London, U.K.]

“Real People. Big Ideas.”

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The League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces is pleased to welcome Headspace Group, a London, U.K. coworking space that boasts two locations in the Farringdon and Marylebone neighborhoods. With a mission to facilitate passions and ideas using thoughtful design, meaningful technology, and amenities that encourage work-life balance for its members, the decision to include Headspace within our network was easy. Read on to discover more about what makes Headspace so extraordinary (but really, how could we say no to Super Santa?).

LExC: Why did you decide to apply to LExC? What member feature are you most excited about?
HS: We applied to join LExC as we feel there is a strong synergy and shared values between us such as quality and accessibility to help grow communities that value connection and innovation. We wanted to be able to offer our members something unique, global access to the best coworking spaces around the world.

“We take on the headaches of running an office so that businesses
can focus on what really matters.”

LExC: What characteristics of your community make your space extraordinary?
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 4.20.53 PMHS: Combining a range of modern and beautiful working environments from coworking space, private offices for up to 20 people, and entire floors has been central to our ethos from day one. We take on the headaches of running an office so that businesses can focus on what really matters. We have an engaged community of over 500 members and we offer them a mixture of business, leisure and social events each month, a barista coffee shop which offers various catering options as well as drinks, breakfast and lunch delivered directly to their desk, a retro games room and free weekly yoga classes which all allow us to promote a culture of collaboration which also extends to direct engagement between businesses which we always encourage.
LExC: What kinds of coworkers call your space home?
HS: We are a hub for creative, media and technology businesses with a shared ambition to work hard amongst innovative people and to create something extraordinary.
LExC: Describe a unique way in which a coworker has utilized your space or connected with your community.
HS: As an open and engaging community sharing real ideas we have recently opened our event space doors to a member who also runs a small jewellery business and allowed them to set up a one day store offering a variety of jewellery to our members. One of our tenants also used their space to build a nap room which was also a unique utilisation of space.
LExC: What kind of music is playing in your space?
HS: We asked our members exactly what type of music they would like to listen to and we have recently focused on Rock, Indie & Soul.
Headspace Super SantaLExC: What is your most popular recurring event?
HS: We regularly host our signature “Talking Heads” event where we invite a few external specialists in their fields to impart their wisdom on our community and answer any questions followed by a networking lunch which is all absolutely free.
LExC: Describe your space’s “vibe” in 3 words.
HS: Fun, dynamic and open.
LExC: If your coworking community was a superhero, what superpower would it possess?
HS: Our Head of Operations AKA Super Santa is able to make it feel like Christmas every single day of the week.

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