LExC Welcomes The Farm SoHo [New York, NY]


“Fall in love with work again .”


The Farm SoHo is a warm refuge of natural light and rustic character in the heart of SoHo, New York. The surprisingly spacious loft boasts hand-crafted furnishings and decor dismantled and reclaimed from The Farm’s muse: a storied, abandoned Missouri barn. “Charming” doesn’t even begin to describe this community of passionate innovators—read on to discover more about what makes The Farm SoHo and its coworkers so extraordinary.
LExC: Why did you decide to apply to LExC? What member feature are you most excited about?
TFS: Well, the Denver ski trips sound pretty awesome! But it’s more about meeting up with your community. After all, community drove us to open up a coworking space – we can’t wait to just get started and meet everyone.

“We transported a barn all the way from Missouri to deck out our 1,500 sq. foot loft, based in New York, just off Broadway.”


LExC: What characteristics of your community make your space extraordinary?
TFS: The aesthetics of our space really stand out. We transported a barn all the way from Missouri to deck out our 1,500 sq. foot loft, based in New York, just off Broadway. It embodies our love of nature but it also contains some pretty cool kit – including an elevated DJ booth and modular spaces that can be brought together or broken apart to match our community’s needs. I think new members are always really impressed with the floor space, that’s a rare commodity in the centre of New York.

What kinds of coworkers call your space home?
TFS: We’ve worked really hard to cultivate a space that drives inventiveness and innovation – and that’s what we get back from our coworkers. They’re an incredibly diverse bunch working across a range of sectors. For example, we welcome a lot of early stage startups and creative freelancers. And, as we specialise in the health and tech sectors, we see a lot of extraordinary minds that are looking to save the world, one app at a time!
LExC: Describe a unique way in which a coworker has utilized your space or connected with your community.
TFS: Our event space has really helped our community – both through the events hosted there, and by hosting events themselves. One startup, a healthcare-focused mobile design studio, hosted a meetup group at The Farm event space. Because we’re co-branded as BluePrint Health, we helped bring in a team of prominent investors, superstar physicians, CEOs, and senior leaders from the software engineering and marketing sectors in our space. Hosting this group then allowed the startup to attract lots of people who are interested in mHealth to attend the event and it was a resounding success for the startup, its participants and our wider community.
LExC: What is your most popular recurring event?
TFS: We hold recurring retro games nights – they are always such a hit with our community, and really help to forge new relationships (as well as ignite the odd argument over Sonic the Hedgehog!)
LExC: Describe your space’s “vibe” in 3 words.
TFS: Rustic-Americana Designed Work-Space
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