LExC Welcomes Workósfera [Puebla, México]

“Collaborate. Learn. Start.”

Workósfera is a space specially designed for you to work, meet people and get out of your routine. Read on to discover more about what makes Workósfera so extraordinary.

LExC: Why did you decide to apply to LExC? What member feature are you most excited about?
W: We want to learn about the industry, best practices, and how we can foster collaboration across the world! We’re excited to be part of a league that unites extraordinary coworking spaces! And we know that Puebla has the potential to be a destination for Digital Nomads— hopefully our city will soon be known for that because of LExC.

“We know that Puebla has the potential to be a destination for Digital Nomads.”

LExC: What characteristics of your community make your space extraordinary?
W: Our space blurs the line between different kinds of people in our society. It’s an inclusive and diverse community. As hosts, we care about creating the appropriate relationships between coworkers to maximize their potential. Coworkers here are a family, we all care about each other… it’s what society should be like! Workósfera’s community is like going back to basics: know thy neighbor.

LExC: What kinds of coworkers call your space home?
W: We have a really cool balance of local entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers with some Digital Nomads from all over the world.

LExC: Describe a unique way in which a coworker has utilized your space or connected with your community.
W:  We have tons of stories about startups meeting other stakeholders that are relevant for their projects, Digital Nomads that extend their stay in Puebla JUST BECAUSE of Workósfera’s vibe and the local friends they’ve made. But our highlight would be this review.

LExC: Where do your members usually go for lunch? Happy hour?
W:  There’s a restaurant, a brewery and a coffee shop in house, they are separate from the coworking space but it’s very convenient with special menus for coworkers. Workósfera is right on the heart of the historical downtown, that means we’re surrounded by cafés, bars, restaurants from all budgets and cuisines.

LExC: What is your most popular event?
W:  We have a monthly coworking gathering called “Friday Funday”, we all get together, share some beers, promote networking within members and introduce the new coworkers to the community.

LExC: Describe your space’s “vibe” in 3 words.
W:  Cool, welcoming, productive.

LExC: If your coworking community was a superhero, what superpower would it possess?
W:  We make people smile, even on Mondays!

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